In today’s world, there’s al­ways a good reas­on to find out a little bit more about the let­ters and sym­bols that we meet at every turn. Type Journ­al is an on­line journ­al de­voted to type design, visu­al cul­ture and ty­po­graphy in the Rus­si­an-speak­ing world. We strive to bring to­geth­er everything re­lated to typefaces and their us­age on our pages, from the works of con­tem­por­ary de­sign­ers to stud­ies by le­gends of Cyril­lic type such as Vadim Lazursky, So­lomon Telingater, Vladi­mir Fa­vor­sky and oth­ers. Type Journ­al fea­tures art­icles and in­ter­views on the his­tory of ty­po­graphy and its rap­id present-day de­vel­op­ment, re­ports news re­gard­ing tech­no­logy, in­nov­a­tions and in­spir­a­tion, and ex­am­ines sig­ni­fic­ant type designs from the past, present and fu­ture.


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