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Date Section Title
3.02.2022 Gerard Unger Typography as Vehicle of Science
3.08.2021 History Aaron Burns: Till we meet again
30.10.2020 History Script and its graphic language
21.09.2020 Cyrillic On the appearance and development of Cyrillic letterforms
26.05.2020 Rodchenko An Interview with Aleksandr Lavrentiev and Yekaterina Lavrentieva
26.03.2020 Interview Interview with Peter Bilak
14.06.2018 Interview Interview with Brody Neuenschwander
26.03.2018 Interview Letters from Sweden
9.01.2018 Interview Interview with Sumner Stone
18.09.2017 Interview An interview with Erik Spiekermann at p98a
24.07.2017 Interview An interview with studio NORM
7.02.2017 History An interview with prof. Gerd Fleischmann about Bauhaus
8.06.2016 Cyrillic A Look at the Letter б
27.04.2016 Books Five Books about a Restless Typographer
5.02.2016 History The Trajan letter in Russia and America
2.12.2015 Interview Now we are talking. Interview with Typeradio
2.11.2015 Interview Interview with Alexandra Korolkova
10.08.2015 History Solomon Telingater: Standardisation of Alphabetic Graphemes
19.06.2015 Interview Interview with Ilya Ruderman
13.05.2015 Interview Interview with Gerard Unger
8.04.2015 Types Type Journal’s Top Cyrillic Fonts of 2014
15.08.2014 Interview Serebro Nabora: interview with Gayaneh Bagdasaryan
5.06.2014 Interview Masha Doreuli: I learned to make decisions quickly
27.03.2014 Interview Gerry Leonidas on teaching typeface design
23.02.2014 History Towards an open layout: A letter to Volodya Yefimov
11.02.2014 Types Type Journal’s Top Cyrillic Fonts of 2013
24.01.2014 Solo Kis Cyrillic. The second part
3.09.2013 History Civil Type and Kis Cyrillic
July 2018 History Between the Circle and the Square